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Logos and photos

The Jaz Flo

I originally tried a few different versions with skeleton hands. However, the thin lines, and amount of them became muddled. Remember that a logo needs to be legible large, and tiny. Think about how this image will look on a business card that is less than 3 inches in size with shears AND words.

That is way too much going on with one image. For logos, we want BOLD big images that people can grasp instantly. You do not want them to have to question what it is. Take a look at this link, the logos are big and bold and easily legible: Logos Example

Here are some ideas I had (2). I can make changes or make some new ones. Just let me know. Also keep in mind, these are low res comps. Do not try to copy them and post them anywhere, they wont look right. I will have to send you the full file for you to use.


The Ranch Smokehouse and Grille
Peak View Brewing Company